In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inside Pictures 2021 programme will be more essential now than ever before. If you have been considering Inside Pictures but are curious as to of how the programme has adapted in response to the pandemic, we would encourage you to read some of the testimonials of the IP 2020 alumni, who found the experience to be very rewarding.

Responsive to change :

Our aim is for all course elements to take place in person, as per the usual timetable of June, September, November and the following January.

However, in these times of huge uncertainty and regulations differing across countries, we acknowledge the multiple challenges that prevent in person gatherings from being possible. We have therefore developed a flexible approach to delivery, capable of ensuring the course continues to offer the high-level content and all of the benefits of the programme, whatever the individual circumstances or restrictions at any given time. When in-person attendance is not possible, we are able to deliver the programme online and can build on the successful track record of the 2020 edition, where all three key modules took place online.

An an invaluable opportunity to grow your network and your business strategy:

It is our intention that you become part of the Inside Pictures family, join the ranks of its illustrious alumni, and emerge from these challenging times armed with the confidence, leaderships skills, networks and business acumen necessary to further your international film career.