annaAnna is co-founder and CEO of Dogwoof, which she founded in 2004. She is a participant on Inside Pictures 2015.

Dogwoof began its life as a UK theatrical distributor of fiction, and has progressively established itself as a leader in theatrical distribution and world sales of feature length documentaries. Today Dogwoof is a highly reputable and innovative brand, associated with the highest quality documentaries. Anna is currently focusing on growing the production and financing arms of Dogwoof, and working on developing a very ambitious science TV series. Anna was born in Barcelona, and has lived in France and USA; she has an MBA, and MAs in screenwriting and film production. Prior to founding Dogwoof she worked in film and TV development.

We asked Anna some questions about Dogwoof and her experience of Inside Pictures.

What attracted you to the Inside Pictures programme? 

What attracted me to the programme was its reputation, the opportunity to broaden network for my company, both through my peers (who are of a very high caliber), and through the speakers. The insight it gives into the Hollywood system is second to none. Having started the course, I have to say, this is not just a course, this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m grabbing it!

Can you tell us about the evolution of Dogwoof as one of the Europe’s most respected documentary-related brands? 

When we started as UK theatrical distributors of fiction, things were very challenging, and at one point we came across the documentary Black Gold, by the Francis brothers. It was a great collaboration, and the film not only succeeded at a financial level but made a huge impact, for instance Starbucks changed to fair-trade coffee because of this film. We started doing more docs and progressively realised that there was a market for docs, so we decided to be the big fish in a small pond. After that we set up an international sales arm and started having successes, especially Blackfish which put Dogwoof on the international map big time. Now we are producing docs, and our business is growing significantly.

What is your vision for the future of the company? 

The future is all about partnerships with the right people/companies, with a focus in the US. We are also securing remake rights for certain stories we think would make great fiction films or doc/fiction series, so the future is looking pretty for us as one of the top specialists in documentaries and remakes.