On this page we’ll publish links to resources that we think may be useful to the Inside Pictures network. If you think there is an important resource we’re missing, please let us know by writing to: info@inside-pictures.com.

Business Management

Business Sale – http://www.business-sale.com/


DGT online informer – newsletter archive – http://www.mediasalles.it/dgt_online/index.htm

Festivals and Markets

Sundance Infographic 2016: Ample Distribution, Paltry Deals, And The Cost Of Piracy – http://www.culturalweekly.com/sundance-infographic-2016-ample-distribution-paltry-deals-and-the-cost-of-piracy/#.VxdtHEN0Xb8.email


Online Film Financing – https://www.olffi.com

Film Production Capital – http://www.filmproductioncapital.com/

Filmscope Worldwide App – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/filmscope-worldwide/id305098462?mt=8 

Home Entertainment

DVD and Beyond – http://www.dvd-and-beyond.com/

The Numbers – http://www.the-numbers.com/

General Industry

European Audiovisual Observatory – http://www.obs.coe.int/

Lumiere Database – http://lumiere.obs.coe.int/web/search/


Database of French Nationality Films – CNC – http://www.cnc-rca.fr/Pages/PageAccueil.aspx


The Black List – https://blcklst.com/

General Industry

European Audiovisual Observatory – http://www.obs.coe.int/en/home

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