Inside Pictures will take you to the heart of the film industry and give you a 360-degree understanding of the global business of film.

In 2020, Inside Pictures will be in its 17th year. It is an intensive film business training and leadership skills development programme presented by the National Film & Television School. Supported by Creative Europe and ScreenSkills, the programme is for film & TV industry executives from all disciplines (sales, distribution, marketing, finance, legal and business affairs, development, production, post-production, special effects) and is designed to develop the practical knowledge, skills and high-level contacts needed to lead successful businesses.
“Inside Pictures has a deep impact on our company development and our understanding of our industry. It’s not just what you learn during the workshop, but also the information that continues to flow through the Alumni network which allow you to develop your company and yourself. Giving a lecture about Potemkino at the workshop five years after participating, was not just an honour, it was also proof of the success we achieved and for which Inside Pictures definitely shares credit.”
Peter de Maegd, Potemkino, Speaker and Alum of 2013
“Inside Pictures was an eye-opening, game-changing experience and the starting point of 19 new friendships that I am sure will last a long, long time. It was an inspirational, suberbly organized and perfectly planned program that I will only ever recommend to people that I like very, very much…”
Sol Bondy, Inside Pictures Class of 2018
“Inside Pictures is a great course that gives applicants a terrific overview of the rapidly growing international film business – something I wish had been available to me early in my career.”
Andrew Cripps, IMAX, Speaker
“We have always been determined that Inside Pictures will be driven by practitioners, not teachers.”
Michael Kuhn, Qwerty
“Inside Pictures is an accolade acknowledged across the industry as indicating that a person is ready and prepared for business.”
Christos Michaels, Lee & Thompson, Speaker / Alumni
“It was a fantastic networking experience and my classmates have become important colleagues and friends. It provides a network beyond your job or any specific film you might work on.”
Andrew Orr, Independent Film Company, Speaker / Alumni
“It takes decades to accumulate the knowledge the participants are fed within a couple of months of the training.”
Kestutis Drazdauskas, ARTBOX, Alumni
“Inside Pictures has broadened my view, deepened my understanding and extended my network in a way I couldn’t have hoped for – it’s rare that my expectations are met, IP went well beyond. And to top it all off, it is exceptionally well run.”
Henning Kamm, REAL FILM Berlin GmbH, Alumni
“I was an experienced producer when I applied to Inside Pictures in 2011 but the programme was a big part of my reaching the next level in my career as it really gives access to areas of the film industry, both in Europe and the US. I am now working on a number of European co-productions, where the experiences on the programme were very helpful.”
Bert Hamelinck, Caviar Content, Speaker / Alumni
“Inside Pictures is the best place to learn about the current landscape in the rapidly changing international film and TV business. The participants, speakers, tutors, alumni and the people running Inside Pictures are at the top level of the industry thus providing a network of incredible value”
Vanessa Henneman, Henneman Agency / European Talent Network, Alumni

Our Objectives

Global Business Development

Develop your understanding of the global business of feature film

Professional & Personal Development

Build your leadership skills

Grow Contacts and Networks

Introduce you to an extensive range of industry contacts


Raise your profile in the industry

Inside Pictures subscribes to the Equal Opportunities policy of the National Film and Television School. More details can be found here: