At this stage of the process, the aim is to deliver the course in person as per previous years.  The fee per person for full attendance of the course is Euro 7,500, payable in full before attending the course.

If Module 2 cannot take place in person in LA, we would offer a reduced fee of Euro 6,100. (This is in line with the fee charged for the 2020 programme).

The fee covers:

  • all tutoring costs for online and in person delivery, including MBTI assessments
  • all networking events and lunches during your in-person attendance.
  • hotel accommodation in Los Angeles.
  • after the course, entry to all Inside Pictures events (Berlin, Cannes, and London)

Costs you would typically be asked to cover yourself include travel and accommodation costs for modules 1, 3 and 4, and general subsistence costs during all modules.

Scholarships are available to contribute to the cost of the fees. These are awarded purely at the discretion of the Inside Pictures management. Participants from ‘low capacity countries’ can receive a scholarship of up to 50% to contribute towards their fees, reducing their fee to Euro 3,750*.  We will only invoice you for the remaining amount.

If you require a scholarship to attend the programme please complete the ‘Scholarship’ part of the application form. It is essential you notify us at application stage of whether you require a scholarship. If you do not, you may jeopardise your application.

Bursaries are available, on a limited basis, to contribute towards travel and accommodation expenses in London and LA flight costs. Bursaries can be claimed only after the event, upon presentation of an invoice and supporting receipts. Participants are therefore required to cash-flow their own expenses.

All dates for the programme are published well in advance and will not change. We strongly advise all applicants to calculate their costs, and book tickets and accommodation in advance if / when a place is granted, in order to keep costs down. Please note that you need to be able to cash-flow your travel and subsistence expenses – the bursaries are not a grant given at the beginning of the course.

* This policy is in accordance with Creative Guidelines. The low capacity countries eligible for this benefit are: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo (pending), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia (Rep of Serbia), Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Ukraine.

Please note, these are guideline amounts only, and subject to change. Exact contributions will be set in May 2021. Bursaries can be claimed only after the event, upon presentation of an invoice and supporting receipt – i.e Participants are required to cashflow their expenses.