Frequently Asked Questions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inside Pictures 2021 programme will be more essential now than ever before. If you have been considering Inside Pictures but are curious as to of how the programme has adapted in response to the pandemic, we would encourage you to read some of the testimonials of the IP 2020 alumni, who found the experience to be very rewarding.

Responsive to change :

Our aim is for all course elements to take place in person, as per the usual timetable of June, September, November and the following January.

However, in these times of huge uncertainty and regulations differing across countries, we acknowledge the multiple challenges that prevent in person gatherings from being possible. We have therefore developed a flexible approach to delivery, capable of ensuring the course continues to offer the high-level content and all of the benefits of the programme, whatever the individual circumstances or restrictions at any given time. When in-person attendance is not possible, we are able to deliver the programme online and can build on the successful track record of the 2020 edition, where all three key modules took place online.

An an invaluable opportunity to grow your network and your business strategy:

It is our intention that you become part of the Inside Pictures family, join the ranks of its illustrious alumni, and emerge from these challenging times armed with the confidence, leaderships skills, networks and business acumen necessary to further your international film career.

Gain a 360 degree exposure to all aspects of the film industry; Build a greater level of knowledge and understanding of the business; Add value to participants and their companies; Gain access to the highest level of industry contacts through programme speakers as well as the network of over 200 Inside Pictures alumni.
If you are a senior executive or an individual running your own business, you will know that success in part depends on maintaining and growing the right contacts and networks, and understanding all parts of the industry. Inside Pictures is tailored to senior level industry professionals, and represents the next stage after the MEDIA Programme-funded EAVE and ACE. Our previous participants testify to the value of the programme.

Mark Byrne, Head of Business Affairs at Element Pictures and Alumni of 2013 says:

“As somebody involved in a company that straddles production, distribution, exhibition and VOD, I didn’t think I would ever find a training programme that could cater for what I needed but Inside Pictures did… Not only was the calibre of speakers excellent but there was a great mix of participants both geographically and from different disciplines. A particular highlight was the LA module as we got a great insight in to the workings of the industry. We were brought into meet with studios, financiers, agents, and producers and to openly discuss issues with them. I also learned a lot about my own way of working during the negotiating day in London. Overall Inside Pictures was an invaluable experience and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Thomas Benski, MD and Producer of Pulse and Alumni of 2011, says:

“I must say I was sceptical when I applied as I think it is very hard to find a programme that will be genuinely helpful once you have reached a certain stage of the industry. Well, I was very wrong. IP was a real revelation: the standard of the lecturers and participants has made this experience unique. The most unique aspect for me is the blend of disciplines. Despite all participants being from the same industry, if it was not for IP I would have never engaged with certain disciplines unless we were in a business transaction, by which time it’s too late.”

Anna Godas, CEO at Dogwoof and Alumni of 2015 says:

“What attracted me to the programme was its reputation, the opportunity to broaden the network for my company, both through my peers (who were of a very high caliber), and through the speakers. The insight the programme gives into the Hollywood system is second to none. I have to say, this is not just a course, this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Dates for 2021 are as follows:

Module 1

6th – 11th June (In Person London OR Online)

Module 2

19th – 24th September (In person Los Angeles OR Online) – note: If in-person, participants are required to arrive on Saturday 18th September and leave on Saturday 25th September.

Module 3

15th to 19th November (In person London OR Online)

Module 4

12th – 13th January 2022 (In person London OR Online)

At this stage of the process, the aim is to deliver the course in person as per previous years. The fee per person for full attendance of the course is Euro 7,500, payable in full before attending the course.

If Module 2 cannot take place in person in LA, we would offer a reduced fee of Euro 6,100. (This is in line with the fee charged for the 2020 programme).

The fee covers:
• all tutoring costs for online and in person delivery, including MBTI assessments
• all networking events and lunches during your in-person attendance.
• hotel accommodation in Los Angeles.

Scholarships are available to contribute towards the cost of the fees.

Bursaries are available to contribute towards the expenses incurred in attending the programme.

Please see the detailed page about Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries for more information

Yes! We very much encourage re-applications. Some participants applied up to six times before getting on the programme.

Each year, we endeavour to make sure the group of participants forms a well-matched and rounded cohort. Applicants may not be the right fit for one year, but this does not mean they have not met the selection criteria.

This is an obligatory component of the programme for all participants. At the end of the programme, participants are required to present a creative and financial pitch for a real film project to a panel of senior film industry executives, which takes place in London on 7th January 2021.


The project work accounts for around three weeks’ work outside the module timetable, and participants receive two sets of one-to-one ‘surgeries’ about their project, as well as guided sessions during the modules. For more information, please see the detailed pages about the Project Work.

To register your interest in the programme or ask us a question, please