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Daniel-Konrad CooperProducer, Rather Good Films
Alumni of 2022
“ The Inside Pictures adventure has been really inspiring – being part of such a bright and international cohort has set me up with a squad of professional friends to grow and collaborate with in the years ahead. I brought a lot of production experience into the course, but leave with a much clearer sense of how best to forge my company’s future. I hope to evolve from a soldier-of-fortune to the leader of my own sustainable business – Inside Pictures has given me the vocabulary, insights and contacts to achieve that. It’s the mid-career shake-up I didn’t realise I needed, but that has been utterly invaluable.”
Ameenah Ayub AllenProducer
Alumni of 2021
“It is really important that Inside Pictures exists for so many reasons (especially in terms of co-productions and for independent producers to “scale up” and to have bigger ambitions and for executives to understand the challenges for producers – the importance of each element of the film value chain) and as it is so well curated it ensures there is real growth and collaboration within a healthy and inclusive industry. Inside Pictures is international and has global leanings (more important than ever as the industry becomes more focused on international and diverse stories as the value of “difference” is recognised more and more).”
Boštjan VIrcProducer, Studio Virc,
Alumni of 2021
“I want to go beyond the Eastern European soft funding limitations and planning to develop a more sustainable business of the genre content in English language. Last but not least, the workshop brought together an excellent group of 20 smart and successful people that expand my business and private network in the most honest way.”
Ulrich SchwarzHead of Production, Rise Pictures,
Alumni of 2020
“For me IP has delivered not only in-depth and precious business knowledge but also injected me with valuable management techniques that I’m already implementing in my daily actions as producer to build/gain momentum as manager and as well for my individual projects.”
David CaneloProducer/Partner, Indomable Pictures,
Alumni of 2020
“IP is not like any other training for producers. It pushes you to know what kind of producer you are and where you want to go from here as an individual and as a company. The level of the speakers and the content is awesome. I feel empowered and excited about my future.”
Anna Smith TenserExecutive Producer & Operations Director, Lammas Park Ltd,
Alumni of 2019
“It was the most comprehensive, thought provoking, expansive, fascinating insight to the film value chain, that is equivalent a whole career’s worth of hard work. The access & contacts, the guidance and insight, the practical knowledge gained, and ultimately the friendships made throughout the year are all life & career changing. It was the most enjoyable experience of my working career.”
Sol BondyProducer, One Two Films
Alumni of 2018
“Inside Pictures was an eye-opening, game-changing experience and the starting point of 19 new friendships that I am sure will last a long, long time. This was a turning point in my career and an inspirational, superbly organized and perfectly planned program.”
Kęstutis DrazdauskasProducer, ARTBOX
Alum of 2018
“It takes decades to accumulate the knowledge the participants are fed within a couple of months of the training.”
Alexandra HoesdorffProducer / Partner, Deal Productions
Alumni of 2017
“Inside Pictures is a must for any professional in the film industry. An exchange of ideas and expertise which helped me get a better overview of the always-changing market and also gave me the confidence to be on the right track with future strategies of our company. The networking is exceptional and the friendships are, I am sure, for life!.”
Sinisa JuricicProducer / CEO, Nukleus Film
Alumni of 2015
“Inside Pictures made me re-think my entire film production knowledge I had accumulated up to the point I embarked on the scheme. For me it was a real success, as the project I brought in as a test case back then is now in full swing and ready to go into production this autumn in China. If I had not stepped into the Inside Pictures world, I would have never been able to make this huge step in my career. This programme arms you with the tools and knowledge no other scheme can provide you with.”
Bert HamelinckProducer & Managing Director, Caviar Content
Alumni of 2011
“I was an experienced producer when I applied to Inside Pictures in 2011 but the programme was a big part of my reaching the next level in my career as it really gives access to areas of the film industry, both in Europe and the US. The quality and breadth of speakers was excellent and I am happy to say that I feel I learned just as much from my fellow participants on the programme. I am now working on a number of European co-productions where the experiences on the programme were very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inside Pictures to experienced European film industry professionals looking to take that next step.”


Edgar DaarnhouwerHead of Sales and Acquisitions, Paradiso Filmed Entertainment
Alumni of 2022
“Inside Pictures gave priceless direct exposure to the industry’s top tier international companies and got us in the room with the highest level of producers and executives that run the business. To be at the forefront and drive those conversations with 19 fellow participants, who have become friends and network for life, fills me with gratitude. Inside Pictures gave me the opportunity to extend my understanding of the full film cycle, film financing in particular was a personal focus, but also to expand our services as a distributor now with producing and to broaden our markets through a network of global partners.”
Tobias Alexander SieffertAcquisitions / Co-Productions, Tobis Film GmbH
Alumni of 2017
“Inside Pictures connects the dots and the people. I’ve been working in various parts of our industry, including international sales and marketing before making a career in acquisitions and co-productions: but what I was missing was an holistic view of our business. And Inside Pictures truly delivered. The speakers have all been excellent and, importantly, approachable – but what at the end made the course is the participants, how we shared our experience, knowledge, different insights and opinions is ultimately what raised questions, triggered answers and finally led to not lectures but open and fruitful conversations.”
Benjamina Mirnik-VogesVP, Original Productions, The Walt Disney Company
Alumni of 2010
“I enjoyed the Inside Pictures course very much. My colleagues are very talented and interesting, the projects were inspiring and promising and my understanding of how the independent film market works was greatly improved. The lecturers were very experienced people who gave us the inside view on how to put a film together and make sure that one looks out for the business opportunity as well. I benefitted greatly from the course by making interesting contacts and learning about the film business from different points of view.”
Laura WilsonHead of Acquisitions, Altitude Film Sales
Alumni of 2016
“Inside Pictures has granted me the tools and knowledge to understand my role in the industry and take the next steps in my career. I know that the film industry is made up of many different components, which all rely on each other and I was keen to understand each area in more depth, especially as so much is changing. This programme provided me with a holistic view of the industry so that I could spot potential new opportunities, make sense of the things I found confusing and learn completely new concepts. The speakers have all been excellent and the course encourages a uniquely inquisitive atmosphere amongst the participants where no question is too simplistic or goes unanswered.”


Sophie DohertyScreen Content Manager, Regent Street Cinema
Alumni of 2017
“Inside Pictures provides you with an instantly and exponentially expanded network of top quality, passionate professionals across all areas of the film business. Whilst I’m already sad to not be looking forward to another Module – I AM looking forward to making the most of my new contacts with alumni, contributors, and of course my wonderful 2017 cohorts. We are each now well-and truly out of our silos – and I’m confident some great creative endeavours shall come from this. All my work will now be framed with a greater understanding of why every single stage of the life of a film – from development, production & sales to distribution, exhibition and beyond – is integral to its success.”
Anna GodasCEO, Dogwoof
Alumni of 2015
“What attracted me to the programme was its reputation, the opportunity to broaden network for my company, both through my peers (who are of a very high caliber), and through the speakers. The insight it gives into the Hollywood system is second to none. I have to say, this is not just a course, this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”
Jakob AbrahamssonCEO, NonStop Entertainment & Bio Bistro Capitol
Alumni of 2013
“A truly excellent course, people, lecturers and fellow students. Inside Pictures combines amazing access and almost stupendous openness with high level business knowledge and strategy. Highly recommended.”
Andrew NergerHead of International Distribution, Signature Entertainment
Alumni of 2017
“Inside Pictures is a fantastic course for anyone wishing to develop their skills in production or distribution as well as learning more about those sides of the industry they may not be so familiar with. The level of knowledge from the speakers was unparalleled and Julia and the Inside Pictures team were fantastic. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of applying. Can I do it again?”
John RamchandaniManaging Director, Hollywood Classics
Alumni of 2012
“The Inside Pictures modules are arranged in three very detailed modules which focus on different aspects of the film industry. Participants attend a detailed and well-organised programme of seminars and networking events, all of which are designed to broaden your understanding of the business. Personally, I really enjoyed Module 2 in LA which gave an invaluable insight into the US Studio approach to Home Entertainment & Digital sales.

My background is in film distribution, however IP is designed to throw each participant into the ring, each with individual strengths and backgrounds within the industry. I now have strong contacts in production, finance, international sales and acquisitions, all of whom can be called on if needed – and vice versa. Inside Pictures manages to condense decades of professional experience into just 3 weeks!”


Sam AllwintonSenior Investment Associate, Ingenious
Alumni of 2020
“Now equipped with a tool-belt of insight, advice and invaluable business skills to take with me as my career progresses, the gem I will treasure most is the wonderful group of comrades with whom I will continue this journey. I have learnt the most from my fellow participants and I’m very confident our learning in this industry will continue together for many years to come. “
Laure VaysseChief Operating Officer, Motion Picture Capital
Alumni of 2012
“Inside Pictures is one of the best training programmes that can be offered to executives of the film industry. It provides a better understanding of the current issues facing our industry as well as a distinct and rare opportunity to meet well-respected specialists. The quality of the sessions, the expertise of the speakers and diversity of the fellow participants create a great environment to reflect on our personal role within the industry and to try and maximise what we can bring to it now, and in the near future. Opportunities such as this are few and far between; building a network of contacts; getting upfront advice from senior executives; and, just as importantly finding answers to professional challenges faced or being faced on an individual level. As an Alumni, I have already benefited significantly from the embedded structure and organisation at Inside Pictures, and furthermore I am sure I will for many years to come.”
Patrick FischerManaging Director, Creativity Capital
Alumni of 2015
“Knowing that each cohort is meticulously put together made Inside Pictures very attractive to me. I think the ethos of Inside Pictures, to get a group of promising, smart and ambitious film executives and producers together and give them access to the leaders of the industry, the opportunity to ask the questions they want to ask and the time to take in and reflect on the answers is brilliant. My Inside Pictures mentor is Adam Kulick and he’s been great. We’re looking to raise additional finance for Creativity Capital and having him as a mentor during this process is invaluable.”


Alice DamianiVP International Sales, TF1 Studio
Alumni of 2019
“Taking part into Inside Pictures really broadened my scope of knowledge, in an international environment; it was a strong learning platform, and a key incentive to develop skills thanks to the different courses. I was really impressed by the variety and the quality of the sessions, the interaction with speakers and other alumni, it opened new perspectives, and I felt very lucky to meet executives and producers from different countries and fields in this industry.”
Carla Quarto di PaloDirector International Sales, Cornerstone Films
Alumn of 2018
“At the end of Module one I was already blown away by the level and excellence of all: the organization, the speakers, my fellow participants. Everything was top notch. Throughout the programme experts were genuinely willing to share with us their know-how and experiences, so much that I’ve got a wider grasp of the present business and its shifting patterns.
I have been on a mind-stirring and life-changing journey with a group of inspiring professionals, who I can now call friends and who will be my network and personal intelligence throughout my life and career.
Inside Pictures is a terrific programme. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to challenge him or herself, embrace change and learn more about this ever-evolving business.”
Charlotte van WeedePresident of Distribution, Anton Corp
Alumni of 2011
“I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to take part in the Inside Pictures program. Over a period of three modules, I had the chance to interact with leading filmmakers and executives, covering every aspect of the film financing, production and distribution process. The level of speakers was very impressive allowing a clear insight in the mechanics of making films in Europe and the US. Equally, the diversity of the group of participants allowed for in-depth and lively discussions. This bird’s eye view of the film industry has particularly broadened my understanding of the financing side of filmmaking and has allowed me to further my career and to build my network, particularly across the UK and Europe.”

Legal and Business Affairs

Rusta MizaniHead of Business Affair, augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH
Alumni 2020
“Much has been said about the quality of the programme, and it’s all true. Especially given the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID year, Inside Pictures was the ideal framework to reflect on the most topical questions for our industry. ”
Sander DikhoffEntertainment Lawyer, Dikhoff Van Dongen Advocaten
Alumni 2019
“There is no better way than Inside Pictures, to find brothers and sisters in the film industry, with the personalities and skills to make the difference.”
Mar Ilundain GonzalezBusiness Affairs Consultant
Alumni of 2016
“I wanted to broaden my professional horizon further and learn more about the business of film outside of Spain, especially in Europe and the US. I am aware of the deep changes the industry is undergoing worldwide and I wanted to learn and see how these challenges are being faced in other markets. I feel very fortunate to have taken part in this programme. It has been a very enriching experience. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some tremendously inspiring speakers and the network we are building is priceless”
Justin KellyHead of Business & Legal Affairs, HanWay and Recorded Pictures
Alumni of 2018
“Inside Pictures has been amazing! I’ve developed my understanding of the business (particularly in LA) and widened my network of contacts that I intend to nurture into the future. Fellow participants have also become a core network of friends who I know I can call on for anything I need.”
Mark ByrneHead of Business Affairs, Element Pictures
Alumni of 2013
“As somebody involved in a company that straddles production, distribution, exhibition and VOD, I didn’t think I would ever find a training programme that could cater for what I needed but Inside Pictures did. I had always heard great reports back from anybody who I knew that had participated on it and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Not only was the calibre of speakers excellent but there was a great mix of participants both geographically and from different disciplines. A particular highlight was the LA module as we got a great insight in to the workings of the industry. We were brought in to meet with studios, financiers, agents, producers and to openly discuss issues with them. I also learned a lot about my own way of working during the negotiating day in London. Overall Inside Pictures was an invaluable experience and I would thoroughly recommend it.”
Simon GillisHead of Commercial Affairs for Film, See-Saw Films
Alumni of 2014
“”In a business where the extraordinary seems ordinary and low probability but high-impact outcomes dominate, William Goldman’s “”no one knows anything”” remains the fallback. Whilst informational advantages are scarce and complexity is rife, Inside Pictures’ offers a chance to wrestle the “”whole equation”” into one’s head.

Putting what I learnt to work, in the short term, contributed to my promotion at Universal Pictures and ultimately led to me being headhunted by See-Saw to spearhead the commercial strategy and business operations for their film division.

I can’t recommend highly enough the access and exposure Inside Pictures grants and the relationships it nurtures. It’s a golden ticket for those seeking a roadmap to navigate the shifting market with and a strategic springboard to progress their career. “”

Davide NardiniHead of Italian Scripted Originals, Amazon Studios
Alumni of 2017
“At Inside Pictures I not only had the opportunity to meet inspirational, experienced and talented people, but was also able to understand how the film business can be even more integrated between countries to create synergies across different local markets.”


Vanessa HennemanCEO / Founding Partner, Henneman Agency and The European Talent Network
Alumni of 2016
“Inside Pictures is simply the best place to learn about the current landscape in the rapidly changing international film and TV business. The participants, speakers, tutors, alumni and the people running Inside Pictures are the best of the industry, thus providing a network of incredible value. I was very keen to absorb more knowledge during the programme on the numerous finance, production and sales/distribution models and the differences between these models in mainland Europe, UK and US territories. This knowledge brought my two companies to the next level and gave me the opportunity to operate on a larger scale. Inside Pictures provided me with so much new knowledge and a network of incredible value. Besides that Inside Pictures is the key to almost anybody in the industry. Say you are Inside Pictures participant or alumni and doors open for you immediately. Inside Pictures is simply THE place to connect with the best of the best of the film industry.”
Janey van IerlandDirector, Film Acquisitions Benelux & Nordics, Netflix
Alumni of 2018
“Inside Pictures has been of incredible value to me in many ways. Not only has it deepened my knowledge of the industry and broadened my network, as one would expect from a program like this, but the big bonus for me was the insight it has given me about my personality, strengths and weaknesses. The program is truly empowering and has given me the confidence to embark on new adventures.”
Anthony MestrinerTalent Agent, Casarotto Ramsey & Associates
Alumni of 2014
“The programme was an invaluable experience on many levels and greatly helped in furthering my understanding of how different facets of the industry work. Aside from the practical knowledge you can expect to learn and exposure to experts in their respective fields, Insider Pictures offers a great way to network in a way which just cannot be replicated in day to day business. Its very easy to get tunnel vision while trying to figure out the best way to navigate an ever-changing media landscape; what the programme allows you to do in an open and collaborative environment is learn, ask questions and review your career from an objective standpoint.”


Charlene LydonHead of Programming, Element Cinemas
Alumni of 2020
“It has been an eye-opening and challenging course. The people I have met through the course along with the various speakers and administrators created a really special programme this year, despite the obvious challenges of not being able to meet face to face.”


Anna HiggsHead of Entertainment, Facebook
Alumni of 2010
“Inside Pictures really is a game-changer of a programme. It gives you unparalleled access to executives at the top of the industry, unique insight right across the film value chain and, most centrally for me, a brilliant peer network in all areas of the business. It certainly helped equip me for my move from independent producing to leading on creative innovation for Film4.”