The programme is modular and takes place in London and in Los Angeles.

To develop and enhance your understanding of the global film business, the programme combines meetings with industry leaders, seminars, case studies, studio and other off-site visits, and working sessions on projects based on hypothetical scenarios.

You will be expected to work on a project in your own time (approx 10 days). Throughout the programme, participants will also be offered networking opportunities with working lunches, dinners and evening receptions.

Among other topics, the programme will cover:

  • An overview of the global film business and the key players
  • The key financial considerations and controls which can determine success or failure
  • Comparing and understanding global sales and distribution opportunities
  • Theatrical release campaigns and strategies
  • Home entertainment, television, online and ancillary markets
  • Marketing strategies and finding your audience
  • Understanding the US marketplace, studio system and agents
  • Raising finance and understanding revenue flows
  • Key legal, business affairs and accounting considerations
  • Commercial and creative considerations during development and production
  • The acquisitions process
  • The digital landscape
  • Core leadership and management skills, including business planning, and corporate strategy
  • Personal presentation techniques and negotiation skills

Throughout the programme you will receive a variety of programme materials. These will include reports and handouts covering marketplace data and information, confidential case studies and financing mechanisms.

Modules & Sessions

Module 1 (7 – 12 June 2020) takes you through each stage of the film value chain from a European film industry perspective, including development, financing and packaging to production, marketing, sales, distribution and home entertainment. You will hear first hand from top executives working in all these areas.

Module 2 (20 – 25 September 2020) takes you to the heart of the US film industry, and covers both the studio and independent system. You will hear from experienced execs from across the value chain and experience at first hand the strategic and business-like approach of professionals working in Hollywood.

Module 3 (16 – 20 November 2020) is focused on business development and personal growth. During the week you will hear case studies from executives who have built, grown and sold successful film businesses. Some of the module is dedicated to professional development, with sessions on conflict management, negotiation and presentation skills.

Module 4 (6 – 7 January 2021) Participants pitch their projects to a panel of top-level film executives from around Europe, and receive both oral and written feedback. At the Graduation Reception, participants are presented with a certificate certifying their successful completion of the course.

Project Work

This is where all the learning from the course, and the relationships built up since its beginning, come into play for participants. For many, the project work is an opportunity to develop a real project, but in a genuinely international and commercial sense.

At the beginning of the programme, participants will be paired together (each producer is teamed with an executive) to work on a film project of their choosing. This tends to be a project on the producer’s slate, but does not need to be.

At the end of the programme, participants are required to present a creative and financial pitch for the film project to a panel of senior film industry executives.

Over the course of the year, participants receive two sets of one-to-one ‘surgeries’ about their project, covering all aspects of delivery (marketing, sales, finance, recoupment plan).


One of the most common goals participants state when joining Inside Pictures is their desire to extend their industry reach and build their list of contacts – by the end of the programme, participants have consistently stated that this objective has been well and truly achieved.

Through the programme, participants are granted access to leading authority figures in the UK, European and US film industries, who give their time generously and share their expertise and experience with our participants – providing connections and opportunities that some may never have previously been afforded.

In addition, Inside Pictures is not only renown throughout the industry for the high level of professionals who speak on the programme and support it, but also for the alumni of the programme itself. Through its 13 years in operation, Inside Pictures has grown to a network of over 200 previous participants, working across almost every discipline within the film business. This alumni network is built on collaboration, support and the sharing of experience – something we at Inside Pictures encourage from day one of the programme.

These are just a few examples of the networking opportunities we make available for participants and alumni of Inside Pictures:

  • International alumni networking receptions in Berlin and Cannes
  • A networking event in Central London during Module 1, where the best and brightest of the industry gather to meet the new Inside Pictures group
  • Various different networking events and opportunities during Module 2 in LA.
  • An alumni-only event in Module 3, where participants from across the years gather to meet, share their experiences and make new contacts.
  • The final graduation ceremony in Module 4 – which alumni, speakers, supporters and industry leaders attend to wish the group well for the future
  • Participants are also allocated an Inside Pictures Buddy through the programme, who can guide and support them in an area they wish to develop
  • In addition to all of the above, Inside Pictures also provides various tools and forums for the alumni network to collaborate and keep in touch, including alumni-only Facebook and Linkedin groups as well as a quarterly alumni newsletter.