Inside Pictures is looking for 20 ambitious film and/or TV executives and entrepreneurial producers who are determined to expand their knowledge of how the international business of film and TV really works, extend their network of high-level contacts, raise their profile and become skilled, knowledgeable and adaptable leaders.

The programme is suited to those already working in feature films and/or TV. You might be running your own company or be encouraged to apply by your employer. To benefit most from this programme you will have a minimum of 5 years’ proven business experience in film/TV or a related creative industry which may include, but is not limited to, the following fields: production, development, commissioning, acquisitions, directing, marketing, distribution, exhibition, advertising, sales, legal, talent representation and finance. To read testimonials from alumni across a range of these sectors, go to Participants’ Experiences.

We strongly advise all potential applicants to speak to alumni of the programme to learn more about how it is structured, and to consider whether it is the right fit for you at this stage in your career. This website lists all our alumni, but please let us know if you need guidance regarding who to approach from the relevant sector.

You will need to be able to demonstrate a proven track record in your area of expertise, strong business and talent relationships, a motivation to succeed, entrepreneurial skills and a commitment to the international film industry. You should also consider whether a programme which has an LA component is the right fit for you, and what you might wish to gain from this part of the course.

One of the most often cited benefits of coming on the programme is the network of alumni one gains access to. The strength of this alumni is based on members’ willingness to share expertise.

In 2022, Inside Pictures incorporated TV, we have developed a hands-on workshop for experienced producers who want to deepen their knowledge of developing and producing TV drama series for an international audience and/or integrate a series division into their companies.

  • The financing scheme of series in an international context;
  • Discovering the market potential and finding an (international) audience;
  • Strategically integrating a series department into an existing (film-)production company;
  • Understanding the different production structures of series development
  • Working with streamers and broadcasters


Inside Pictures is for senior film and television executives who have a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry. You will need to be able to demonstrate your commitment to working in and with the European film industry. If you are applying as a producer we ask that you provide an accurate and honest list of credits in our downloadable format.