Caroline Couret-Delègue is Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Metrodome International Ltd and a participant on Inside Pictures 2015. After working in feature film production in Hollywood on movies such as Big Stan starring Rob Schneider, David Carradine and Jennifer Morrison, The Last Word with Winona Ryder and Wes Bentley (nominated for the Grand Jury prize at Sundance in 2008) and The Chosen One starring Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi, Caroline relocated to London to take on responsibilities at Seven Arts Pictures Plc. As Director of Development & Marketing she was responsible for the branding and packaging of all projects either for film markets or for film releases. On a corporate level, she rebranded the image of Seven Arts by leading the design of a new website and providing the sales teams with cutting edge communication tools. She was also involved with international sales and distribution of the Seven Arts’ slate. Through her consulting company, Cherry Picked Pictures, she also worked in sales with International sales agent Aspect Film and production company Lunatique Films among other clients.

Caroline joined AV Pictures as Sales & Acquisitions Director in September 2011 where she gained invaluable knowledge in deal structuring from the company’s founder, Vic Bateman. The start of her relationship with Metrodome Group began with her representation of their in-house productions, and in May 2014 Caroline and Jezz Vernon, MD, announced the establishment of Metrodome International.

Caroline is a French native based in London who speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. She holds two post graduate master degrees one in Chemistry from the University of Versailles and the second one in Business Management from the University Montesquieu, Bordeaux.

We asked Caroline some questions about her career, and her experience of Inside Pictures…

What attracted you to the Inside Pictures programme?

It is incredibly gratifying to have been selected for this year’s edition of Inside Pictures. When I applied I had just started Metrodome International and although I was completely up for the challenge of starting a company I felt that I needed to learn more about each area of the industry if I wanted to push the company forward and bring it to the next level. I know several professionals who have gone through the Inside Pictures programme and the common feedback was how transformative an experience it had been and how their careers had benefitted from it. I wanted to take part in this experience. My background is atypical as I had another career prior to working in the film industry therefore I felt that a training course would further validate my position. Inside Pictures is the only programme that provides such a deep training over all areas of the industry.

Who is your mentor and what do you hope to gain from that relationship?

My mentor is Stuart Le Marechal. Stuart is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. He is a very talented and experienced producer who can guide me through the process of getting films financed and green lit. He is also a fantastic listener and has helped me many times find solutions to tricky situations.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

I am always amazed at the amount of talent there is in the room. Being surrounded by such an incredible team is truly inspiring. Every module is interesting and gave me ideas. I am very impressed by the quality of the speakers and their genuine enthusiasm to share their experience and knowledge. Having the opportunity to discuss with the top decision makers of the industry is fantastic. I loved the fact that you can bounce ideas off them and exchange on anything including sometimes sensitive topics. My fellow participants are also a constant source of knowledge and support; our team is so complementary that between us at least one of us will have the answer to our questions.

What are you currently working on? 

I just came back from the AFM and I am already preparing Berlin! I am trying to secure the films that I have been following for a few months and hope to bring them with me to the market. Our line-up is growing with more diversified films and stronger theatrical propositions which is exciting. We are also looking at producing next year with a view on the International market.