María del Mar Ilundain_photo

Mar Ilundain Gonzalez, Business Affairs Consultant

Mar Ilundain has vast experience in working within the film industry. She has worked for some of the main production companies in Spain and for the last 5 years she has been working for Convoy Films as advisor to ONO, the Spanish Telecommunications operator.

She also works freelance for other production companies such as Apache Films. Business oriented, her job consists mainly in designing the most appropriate financing and commercialization strategies for a film to reach multiple audiences worldwide.

She is an alumni of the MEDIA course Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA, Media Business School. Ronda, 2003) and studied an Executive MBA at IESE, one of world’s top-ranked Business Schools. She has also been a teacher at MEGA (Financing module) and other Film production master courses in Spain.

What attracted you to Inside Pictures?

I had been thinking about broadening my professional horizon further and learning more about the business of film outside of Spain, especially in Europe and the US. I am aware of the deep changes the industry is undergoing worldwide and I wanted to learn and see how these challenges are being faced in other markets.

What’s your impression of the programme so far? Does it deliver on your expectations?

I feel very fortunate to be taking part in this programme now. It has been a very enriching experience. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some tremendously inspiring speakers and the network we are building is priceless.

What are you working on at the moment?

With Apache Films, we are now in postproduction on two films: ORO directed by Agustín Diaz Yanes (ALATRISTE) and EL EXPEDIENTE directed by Paco Plaza (REC).