Module 2 of Inside Pictures is all about the US industry. To ensure that we garnered as much of the expertise that from across the pond that we usually do, the online module moved to a US time-zone.  

And indeed this means we are delighted to welcome returning speakers who were unable to participate last year. Jon Schumacher of Chris Pratt’s Indivisible Productions, giving us his take on development both from the indie side and the studio side, will be a highlight, as will Ann Johnson of Littlefield Co. who will give us her perspective on the TV industry in the US, and AGC Studios’ Stuart Ford and Bonnie Voland, veterans of the global film industry.  We are also delighted and honoured to welcome new speaker Anikah McLaren of Participant.

The move to US time also means we’ve been able to re-introduce some of the very popular panel sessions with managers and indie producers.

Regular LA speakers to lend their expertise include Rebecca Kearey (Searchlight Pictures); Chris Rice (Endeavor Content); Alan Brunswick (Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP) and Darrien Michele Gipson of SAGindie.

Participants will also have the opportunity to share the initial stages of their thinking around the ‘project work’ element of the programme, which sees participants paired up and asked to work up a project which they will pitch in January.

Next step will be the personal and professional development module taking place in November, which will have particular resonance for people given the challenges posed to all businesses in the last six months.