Participants from Slovenia, Finland, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Kenya and the USA were finally able to come together for Module 3 in person in London after the first two modules took place online.

Kicking off on Monday 15th November, Inside Pictures took every opportunity to jam pack the week with not only a Welcome Dinner for the participants, speakers and our ambassador Fiona Lamptey of Netflix, but also our wider networking event at Aqua Neuva which was attended by so many of our illustrious alumni. It was such a joy to witness so many of you finally coming together and having fabulous, energetic conversations with the film community. We were also delighted to finally be able to hand out graduation certificates to our 2020 cohort some of who were able to meet each other for the very first time.

Gareth Ellis-Unwin (Screen Skills), Clare Crean (IP Director of Content) and some the IP2020 cohort.

Module 3 of Inside Pictures is all about personal and professional development, earlier in the week participants got to hear engaging case studies from Potboiler Productions, Vertigo Films, Element Pictures and Inflammable Films. This was topped off by David Solomon and his facilitators Ivan Mactaggart, Richard Holmes, Alexandra Hoesdorff and Debra Liang who help demonstrate effective negotiations through role play, a day much enjoyed by the participants. John Letham also returned with Love and Embrace your Business Plan and ended the week with the very intense session Settings Aims and Objectives.

Participants also had the opportunity to share more in depth progress on their projects with our project surgeons Andy Mayson (Altitude Films), Bridget Pedgrift (BFI), Caroline Couret-Delègue (Film Seekers) and Chris Auty (NFTS).

During Module 4 in January 2022, project pairs will practise and pitch their films to industry panellists followed by the graduation ceremony, we hope to see many of you again for this event. For now we wish everyone a prosperous festive season and happy new year!