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Inside Pictures 2017 (L-R) Charlie Kemball, Davide Nardini, Ann Phillips, Andrea Scarso, Nish Panchal, Tobias Alexander Seiffert, Leontine Petit, Marisa Clifford, Alexandra Hoesdorff, Naomi Wallwork, Kurban Kassam, Sophie Doherty, Giorgos Karnavas, Gabija Siurbyte, Faith Taylor, Petr Bílek, Andrew Nerger, Nina Bisgaard, Nicky Earnshaw, Maximilian Leo.

Hot on the heels of successes at the Toronto International Film Festival, 20 international producers and executives on the Inside Pictures training programme headed to Hollywood for Module 2 of this year’s programme.

The module, which wrapped on September 29th, gave participants the opportunity to learn from, exchange ideas and do business with LA based execs working on English-language projects, including some of the industry’s highest-level professionals. We caught up with Julia Short, Director of Content here at Inside Pictures, about taking on Hollywood!

1. What does your job involve at Inside Pictures?

I am responsible for the design and delivery of the content of the programme, so it is my role to research which topics we should cover in each of the modules and who are the experts we ask to speak and share their vast knowledge and experience.

2. Why does Inside Pictures have an LA module and what are the main aims of the programme?

Since the first edition of Inside Pictures we have felt it was important that the participants had an understanding of how the US system works.  We choose participants who want to work in a global film business and it is key that they understand how the studio’s operate as well as how the US industry works.  It is important to meet people on their home turf to see the culture they are operating in.

3. How do you go about preparing the module for the participants?

We actively encourage all the participants to prepare for each of the sessions and speakers and prepare questions.  No participant should leave a session without asking the question they wanted to ask – though they may not get the answer they want!  In addition we prepare extensive advance reading material on what is happening in the busy at this time both in terms of companies and individuals.

4. What session(s) were you particularly looking forward to this year?

Every year I look forward to each and every session.  As television is becoming so important regarding building sustainable production companies and a medium to which talent are so drawn, we felt it was important to have sessions that covered TV so along with Netflix and Amazon, we were honoured to have Ann Johnson of Littlefield Company who produced The Handmaid’s Tale take part.  This year we secured new speakers Sean McKittrick and Ray Mansfield of QC Entertainment who spoke about the huge success of GET OUT and the financing of films in LA.  I am grateful to each and every speaker who so generously shares their knowledge, expertise and wisdom.

5. What should UK filmmakers know about the film industry in LA?

It really is a business!

Dana Archer

6. What advice would you give to the Participants now that the LA module is over?

Keep up relationships.  This is a relationship business so if you met someone who you think you can do business with – keep in touch.  Evaluate all you have heard from all aspects of the business and distill the information on how it affects you and your business.  They have received great insight from amazingly knowledgeable and experienced people which is so valuable and informative.